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Fixed Industrial Stairs Code – California Code of Regulations

Use this information at your own risk.
Structural and code related information should always be double checked with alternative sources. All applicable national and local regulations and practices concerning this aspects must be strictly followed and adhered to. 

Industrial Stairs Code

The specifications for the safe design and construction of fixed general industrial stairs are as follows:

  • The stairs should be no less than 36 inches wide.
  • The tread should be at least 10 inches and not more than 12 inches from nose to nose.
  • The riser should be no less than 4 inches and not more than 7 inches.
  • A single stair should have a maximum rise not over 9 1/2 inches and a maximum run not over 24 1/2 inches.

– Guardrails shall be provided, such as handrails or steel rails, that extend at least 36″ beyond the top riser of any flight of stairs, to protect against falls, unless there is an open side at the top of the stairway for this purpose; these.

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