Isometric Drawings Without 3D Modeling

Can I draw an isometric drawing in Autodesk Plant 3D without generating a 3d model? #

Unfortunately, you cannot create an isometric drawing in Autodesk Plant 3D without first generating a 3D model.

But, don’t worry, there are some useful add-ins and customization options for AutoCAD that can help streamline the process of creating isometric piping drawings:


This paid add-in has extensive libraries of ISO metric piping symbols and fittings. You can quickly insert piping into an isometric drawing with pre-drawn symbols.


Similar to ISOPIPE, this add-in gives you access to thousands of 2D isometric piping symbols to insert into AutoCAD.

Mech-Q ISO #

Free set of AutoCAD scripts that adds isometric piping menus and tools to draw piping faster in isometric view.
Custom Tool Palettes – You can create custom tool palettes in AutoCAD with frequently used piping and fitting symbols for quick insertion into an isometric drawing.

Dynamic Blocks #

Make parametric, flexible piping symbols as Dynamic Blocks for efficient insertion and editing.


This paid plant design suite for AutoCAD includes dedicated iso-drawing capabilities with pre-made piping symbol libraries.
Symbol Libraries – Many free or paid symbol library packs for purchase contain collections of ready-made piping iso symbols.

So in summary, leveraging add-ins like ISOPIPE or CADWorx, creating custom tools/symbols, and using dynamic blocks can help boost productivity for isometric piping drawings in AutoCAD. The key is having those libraries of symbols at your fingertips.

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